Clearaway Waste ltd waste and rubbish removal recycling service, Edinburgh west Lothian & Wishaw.
we are only to happy to answer any question you might have.

Q) What exactly does Clearaway Waste ltd do?

A)  we operate a simple, cost effective solution to all of your waste disposal needs!  Some say it’s a modern twist on the rag’n’bone man,  but we like to think of ourselves as 21st century eco warriors diverting everything we can from landfill and doing ‘our bit’ to save the planet!
We are fully registered and regulated by (SEPA) 

Q) How much notice do i need to give to book your service?

A) We do same day service most of the time but 24-48 hours some time depending on how busy we are   

Q) Does my waste go straight to landfill?

 A) No, our waste gets separated into categories, anything we can find a new home for gets taken out and the rest goes to a commercial recycling centre to get separated and re-purposed   

Q) Do you take my waste to local council tip?

A)  We never take any of our waste to local council recycling centre, we pay to dispose of all our waste, commercial recycling in a ethical way.

Q) Do i need a skip permit?

A) No one of the benefits of using our service is that you don`t need an expensive skip permit, ideal for tight spaces with no room for a skip to sit for days.